BIMS employs craftsmen that can turn furniture that’s badly scratched, water stained, chipped, mismatched or time worn into “like new” condition. We completely strip the existing finish, fill, repair and sand damages and duplicate all missing parts in our machine shop. Color is applied and sealed, followed by more sanding. Finally, we apply several coats of sealant to the selected finish.

During the refinishing process, a client may wish to change the color. For example, oak can be stained to match any finish such as urbanizing, pickling and bleaching. You can choose a stain from a variety of wood stains and finishes.

When finished, your furniture has now been restored to a “factory like” finish.

  • Touch up and polishing of all wood furniture
  • Removal of minor scratches and blemishes
  • Repair chipped veneer & dented or soiled edges
  • Removal of water rings and minor stains
  • Color matching and grain touch ups that defy detection
  • Completely strip, repair and refinish entire units to look like new
  • Fill and resurface deep gouges
  • Upholstering of most office furniture

Furniture Repairman

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