Business Interiors & Moving Services (BIMS) is locally known for handling some of the largest furniture liquidations in Hampton Roads and has been for over a decade. We have been told that we are selected time & time again because of our attention to detail, top dollar on quality business furniture, and fast accurate bids coupled with discreet communication. Below are a few items from our latest liquidations of local used office furniture items. Please contact us if you wish to inquire about a business move or would like a complete package furniture liquidation bid. We accept anything from used office chairs and desks to file cabinets and conference tables and cubicles.

We only accept top-tier long-lasting business furniture brands that normally move very fast and can be refurbished to a specific color tone upon request to match your area(s). All liquidated business furniture is not pictured as most items do not make it to our public used furniture showroom floor & remain neatly and safely packed in one of our on-site large furniture dedicated warehouses before requested by you. Most items come in multiples as well so please remember to ask for any and all items you require to fill your given space(s), we can also include professional furniture delivery and complete setup in each BIMS discounted package price. Since we do this everyday and can normally anticipate any space requirement based on a small set of questions, BIMS also offers Space Planning Design services at a lower rate with bulk purchases that helps reduce normal new-location stressors allowing you to fill your space(s) in a quick but precise attractive way with a visual plan as well as accommodate for future growth if required without over paying for extraneous furniture pieces that will get in your way or later require storage or moving. BIMS will assure you account for every piece of furniture or accessory you or your company has a necessity for the first time around which can save multiple headaches in addition to accidental expenditures.

Please contact us if you interested in purchasing liquidated furniture right now, need a bid or are moving and need to sell your used office furniture in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth & Suffolk. Since BIMS became one of the top go-to furniture liquidators in Hampton Roads in early 2004, we now also bid & deliver to the following cities in Virginia in addition to the Southside: Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown, & Williamsburg. Please come by Business Interiors & Moving Services on Virginia Beach Blvd to view all of our warehouses liquidations in person or give us a call at 757-466-0054 to ask about particular furniture pieces or complete setups, many times our liquidations do not make it to our website or even the showroom floor mainly because we stock nearly ten times more furniture in the warehouses than our large in-proximity showroom floors can comfortably show.

Please refer to our downloadable PDF Capability Statement for more information about Business Interiors & Moving Services, Government, & Commercial services provided in the state of Virginia.