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A giant thank you!

Dear Spencer Upshur,

I’ve never worked with movers who are so incredibly accommodating.  We were a mess when the crew arrived.  Yellow boxes (on WHEELS!) were brought so we could rapidly pack stuff.

Then, I thought we were going to have to get some other people to dispose of furniture and a giant desk.  Nope – your crew does that stuff too.  Taken care of. Then one of the cheap hutches fell apart (no surprise).  No problem – tools were brought out and it was put back together.

The man in charge was a calming presence.  We were in and out and up and down the stairs all day while your team moved our stuff and I’m sure we got in their way more than once.  They were so pleasant and patient which seems really strange to me on such a miserable hot day.

So this is just a giant thank you to you, to the supervisor, to the men who carried all our stuff upstairs.  They took so much stress off that day I just can’t express it.

Yours Truly,

Lynn Meadows – Accounting

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